CNN iReporter Chris Morrow

CNN iReporter Chris Morrow

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Chris Morrow

PO BOX 128131, San Diego, California, United States

Chris Morrow

Documenting the world one story at a time

I've been with CNN iReport almost from the start. Most viewed and Most iReports on CNN. Award winning Filmmaker and CNN iReporter. Featured short at the Cannes Film Festival and held the first CNN iReport Meetup! Featured on CNN, HLN, CNN Radio, CNN International, Entertainment Weekly, Anderson Cooper, Larry King, Jay Leno, CNN commercials/specials and much more! 

Please follow along and I promise you won't be bored. Anything that interests me, I will cover.

So, if you want to check out a girl who is documenting the world then follow on Twitter too @MorrowChris

Documenting the world one story at a time!

Interviewing Celebrities to regular Folk to tell the story of the event or ask an opinion. Travel the world to discover the amazing!